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Gemini is an international managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in supporting Energy and Healthcare clients who have unique demands in utilizing a contingent workforce. As program managers, we serve as an advisor to our clients and suppliers while the customized supply-chain of recruitment partners acts as a council of staffing experts, each providing valuable skills and resources.  The end result is a streamlined service where Gemini manages all supplier relationships and maximizes efficiencies that enable the client to receive the right talent, in the right jobs, at the right time – all delivered under a single invoice.

Our clients gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace by leveraging Gemini’s deep expertise in both staffing and vendor management system (VMS) technologies along with our proven “know-how” to execute these complex programs effectively.

Why an MSP?

The market today demands speed and flexibility to remain competitive.  When it comes to human capital, the landscape is changing rapidly as the war for talent rages on and the trend towards a gig economy begins to take shape.  The use of contract workers will remain a critical component to every growing company’s human resource strategy as evidenced by the growth of MSPs across every industry worldwide.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “by 2020 all Fortune 2000 companies will incorporate an MSP as a critical component of their contingent workforce management program”.

Managing a large non-employee workforce in addition to finding the expertise to strategically source, benchmark, and maintain engagement from an effective supply-chain can be a significant undertaking.  An MSP uses vendor management system (VMS) technologies as an effective tool but also has the skill sets and experience to manage the entire life cycle of sourcing contingent labor and services, onboarding and offboarding non-employee workers, and managing the entire invoicing process.

Data capture and program metrics are also an integral part of the MSP strategy. An effective MSP program enables a company to have better information on agency performance, overall program spend, as well as corporate compliance.     

MSP Solutions that Increase Contingent Workforce ROI

  • Reduce time and clutter in “managing” multiple staffing agencies
  • Bring more metrics into headcount, agency performance and spend data
  • Automate manual processes and time-consuming invoicing
  • Establish bill rates consistent with market
  • Strengthen corporate compliance and mitigate risk
  • Reduce contingent labor costs

Why Gemini?

Gemini is the only true vendor-neutral MSP in the Energy & Healthcare space.  Gemini has no affiliation or ties to staffing or recruitment and therefore we do not provide recruitment or manpower services of any kind.  This neutrality creates a conflict-free position to establish true partnerships and deeper engagement from staffing suppliers.  We feel this is critical particularly in the Energy industry due to the extreme competitiveness of the recruiting environment for skilled labor and professionals in oil & gas and energy.


Service Execution

The account teams at Gemini are experts in MSP program management.  By having a diverse mix of experience in technical recruiting along with progressive careers working with major employers in Energy (or Healthcare), Gemini’s account teams understand the operational side of your business.  Gemini’s best-in-class account teams are not just program administrators; they are seasoned business professionals who are more akin to symphony conductors unifying the “performers”, setting the right cadence, executing clear communications and controlling the interpretation and pacing of the “music” so that your contingent workforce programs perform at the highest levels.

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